1. Students and school pupils;
  2. Emerytom i seniorom powyżej 65 roku życia;
  3. People with light disabilities;
  4. People with moderate disabilities together with their carers.


  1. Children under 7 years of age;
  2. People with significant disabilities with their carers;
  3. Journalists with valid press ID card;
  4. Licensed guides;
  5. ICOM and ICOMOS card holders.

*up to 3 children with one adult


The #zwiedzajKrakow program, an element of the “Undiscovered Krakow” promotional campaign, aims to encourage residents and tourists to take advantage of the rich offer of Krakow companies. From 1 July 2020 -20% discount on all tickets will be granted to holders of:

Krakow nieodkryty promotion


A -20% discount will be granted upon presenting one of the following cards:

In case of a large family of two adults with two or more children, upon presentation of one of the cards mentioned above by all the family members the ticket price is 115 PLN (regardless of the number of children).


People entitled to a discount or free admission to the museum must present to the cashier a valid document confirming their rights.

Tickets are available for sale either at the museum’s reception or via e-ticketing service.